going beyond expectations for global vegetation monitoring
PROBA-V 100 m image of Namibia, Africa
The PITA team! The guardians of the quality and consistency with SPOT-VEGETATION
Else Swinnen
- R&D Project Manager - Image Quality VITO Remote Sensing

From the start of the mission, me and my colleague Carolien Toté were responsible to evaluate the end products quality and their consistency with the SPOT-VEGETATION archive. This entailed not only the product quality assessment, but also the investigation of the root causes of issues and non-consistencies. In order to find the answers, we were grateful to rely on all the PROBA-V scientists and ground segment responsibles. They were however sometimes annoyed with our insistent questioning and determination to find all answers. Ever since, we call our team ‘the PITA-team’ which stands for ‘Pain In The *’. Looking back now, we can all be proud of the consistent high quality end user products.

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