going beyond expectations for global vegetation monitoring
PROBA-V 100 m image of Railroad Valley Playa, Nevada
More than just a gap filler
Michel Massart
- Administrator Earth Observation Unit Directorate General for Defence Industry and Space European Commission DG GROW, European Commission

“In 2010, we were not really thinking of PROBA V as an essential element of our future Copernicus Land service, we were expecting a smooth transition from SPOT-VEGETATION to SENTINEL-3, although PROBA-V was presented as an ideal gap filler between the two long-term satellite missions.

With the delay in the SENTINEL-3 launch, PROBA-V appeared to be fundamental in the development of the global dimension of the Copernicus Land service. The PROBA V instrument has been more than just a gap filler, providing full continuity with SPOT-VEGETATION and allowing us to start the operational Global Land component of Copernicus. Several of the biophysical variables of our portfolio are based on PROBA-V. Thanks to the sensor, we count more than 4,000 users, many developing operational applications in environmental sectors all around the world, including of course Europe.

In the recent years, we have started to work on the PROBA-V 100 m resolution data and have appreciated this dimension opening the door and bridging the gap between the coarse 300 m resolution and the high resolution Sentinel 2 products. The new Copernicus 100 m global land cover product is a clear success, the resolution being an excellent compromise between the global monitoring needs and the requirement for sufficient landscape details.

Today, PROBA-V products continue to be an essential element of Copernicus as they constitute an historical archive which is crucial for many environmental applications.

We clearly have to thank PROBA-V for its contribution in the global vegetation monitoring missions.“

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