going beyond expectations for global vegetation monitoring
PROBA-V 100 m image of Galápagos Islands
Providing data and tools to exploit more than 20 years of Vegetation data
Philippe Mougnaud
- Data Applications Division / Digital Platforms European Space Agency - ESRIN

“The Proba-V Mission Exploitation Platform (PV-MEP) project started end 2015 and is currently still running. It delivered so far and operated a platform managing to evolve over time in support to user projects, mainly from scientific community.

The platform also stimulated the cooperation beyond Belgium boundaries being a one-stop-shop providing data and tools to exploit more than 20 years of Vegetation data (SPOT,Proba-V…).

The platform also stated to explore the interoperability opportunities with other cloud actors leading to the participation to the ESA Network of Resource (NoR), to be further expanded from essential cloud resources provision to higher value services in support to integrators and value-adders.

The project has enabled main Belgian industry actors (VITO, SAS, Trasys, Sapcebel) to participate to this experience, enhancing their competencies and in some cases consolidating further platform services.

The overall team involvement and commitment to the project were highly appreciated and the latest development iteration being under definition further to the on-boarding into the ESA NoR, demonstrate the high skills on the Belgium EO/IT industry.”

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