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After serving the global land surface community for 7 years with high-quality global land surface and vegetation observations, exceeding expectations with 100 m global syntheses, high-quality data, and multiple mission extensions, PROBA-V has reached its final day as an operational satellite mission.

From July 1, 2020 onwards, PROBA-V will enter its experimental afterlife that will continue through October 2021. To celebrate PROBA-V’s remarkable achievements and the transition into its experimental phase, we have composed this animation to show what PROBA-V has given us and what’s up next.

With the platform still in very good shape, we will continue to provide valuable observations over Europe and Africa at 100 m, 300 m, and 1 km resolution to perform various scientific experiments. Further, the reprocessing of the entire data archive October 2013 – June 2020 is in preparation and expected to be available by mid-2021. But this is not everything, there are more exciting things to come!

PROBA-V video next steps

Let's all treasure these good memories and look forward to more valuable data still to come because ... every end is a new beginning!

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